Welcome to Rise of Praxis

It was the height of Praxis rule. The city grew is power and wealth. So many citizens had become well known throughout the surrounding areas for their heroic, and sometimes nefarious, actionss. Praxis grew rich and powerful, becoming the jewel city of Krasna. All would come to Praxis to start a new life and seek out wealth and adventure. For while the rest of the Krasna may have been a nightmare incarnate, Praxis was the beacon of hope.

But sometimes one can not see what is right in front of them. The administrators of Praxis were growing lazy and corrupt. The streets became unsafe. Citizens were preyed upon by the shady inhabitants and city becase to decay. Businesses moved away, adventurers began to set up home in other areas, and communications with Praxis soon became silent.

Over the years, the same heroes that once help Praxis become the hub of activity began to disappear. Some would go on more time consuming quests or far off lands to discover new realms. And some in glorious, but tragic, battles protecting Praxis.

A darkness fell on Praxis and it's surrounding lands. So many well known names simply became backdrops in epic tales. Whole area were overtaken by the wilderness and became home to wild animals and creatures. Advancements in teaching suffered to the point where knowledge and literature were lost. Praxis and the surrounding lands, once a beacon of hope and pride, was falling to the darkness. This darkness would come to be known as Lintokh.

Many of the people, choosing to regain control of their lives, moved to where lands were vast and fertile. Some chose to sail to newly discovered realms that offered more protection from the evils that Praxis could no longer stop. And for some, they simply lived in the darkness, only to become victims to or become part of that darkness.

Inspiration is a powerful thing, though. As these new realms grew in both population and resources, many of the stories of the old realm and of Praxis began to spark some intrigue and interest in returning. It started when a small group of fearless adventurers decided to return to the home of their ancestors to discover their roots. As they rediscovered Praxis and its wonders, they fought and retook Praxis from the darkness that consumed it. And while Praxis may have been broken and in significant disrepair, the pride and wonder that it inspired remained. With word returning that they had successfully retaken Praxis, some courageous citizens saw an opportunity to rebuild Praxis and to return it to it's former glory.

Praxis was to rise again. Will you join them?