The Player's Codex

Rise of Praxis is a rich world of adventures and dangers. While it may not have realistic 3D graphics, it immerses the player into a vast world where their imagination is their only limitting factor.

Character building

In Rise of Praxis, you can play any type of character you want to be. Characters will physical, mental, and other stats and skills that can be trained as your character gets stronger.


Rise of Praxis has dozens of types of races within its world, some them playable. Click here to see the full list and details about each one.


Rise of Praxis takes place on the continent of Krasna. Praxis is just one of many towns in Krasna, which also has many different realms that still need to be discovered.


What is a world without some sort of mindless devotion to a diety. Find out about the religions in Rise of Praxis.