The Player's Codex - Stats

Every character in Rise of Praxis has 10 stats that cover physical, mental, and other miscellaneous traits about the player. All characters also have heath, mana, and stamina points that are necessary to either live (ie: health) or to perform certain actions.

A character's race has a direct impact on the stats. While a character's stats will range from 1 to 100, this is only reflecting the character's traits relative to their race. This also means that you can't easily compare stats across different races. For example: A human with 100 strength would still be considered weaker than a giant with 20 strength.

Physical attributes

The physical attributes of a character are those traits that can be easily measured using well known means. These physical attributes are often visible in combat scenarios.

  • :Strength determines how strong a character is. The higher a character's strength, the more they can carry.
  • :Agility determines how nimbly a character moves around. The higher a character's agility, the better chance they have to dodge attacks and damage.
  • :Speed determines how fast a character moves. A speedy character is not always an agile one, but may be able to get in more actions per turn.
  • :Coordination defines how well a character can handle objects.
  • :Durability determines how much damage a character can withstand.

Mental attributes

The mental attributes of a character are those traits that can cover the cognitive, non-physical aspects of a character.

  • :Intelligence defines the books smarts of a character. The higher a character's intelligence, the more they can study and remember.
  • :Wisdom is a character's street smarts or common sense. It also includes a persons level of spirituality.
  • :Willpower defines the concentration of a character. Characters with low willpower often have trouble concentrating long enough to do a certain task, especially if a skill requires a high amount of willpower.

Miscellaneous attributes

These are attributes that can not be classified as physical or mental.

  • :Charisma determines how well a person interacts with others, often indicating a certain level of beauty or type of personality. Characters with low charisma will have some trouble with interactions in-game. Characters with high charisma will often have things handed to them.
  • :Luck affects random things, such as encounters or discovery, and can alter the chances of success within the game.

Stat Ranges

Rise of Praxis' stats break down in 5 general categories based on their value: debilitated, below-average, average, above-average, gifted. The values fall in a natural range from 1 to 100:

  • :A character with a stat in this range is deemed to be debilitated/severely handicapped in that stat. Penalties are often applied when a stat is in this range.
  • :The character is below average. While the character is often not penalized for being below average, some penalties might be levied against the player.
  • :The character is average for their race. There are no bonuses or penalties applied to anything.
  • :The character is above average. Just like below average characters, characters with above average stats may get a small bonus in certain aspects of the game.
  • :A character with a stat in the top 10% is considered to be gifted for their race.

Values may go above or below the natural range, but only with the aid of magic or other type of intervention. Stats do not change as you increase in level, but will change with age.