The Player's Codex - Races

Rise of Praxis has 16 races that can be played, and countless more that are encountered in the game.


Generally very nimble, but due to their frail appendages, they have a low threshold of pain and are not incredibly strong. Most races find artrells insectoid appearance unattractive. They are of average intelligence and wisdom.

Physical description: The artrell is a humanoid type creature with insectoid traits. Particularly demonstrating these insectoid traits are their heads, arms, and hands. They have larger than normal eyes placed upon a face with skin of some thin membrane-like tissue. They have a small beak for a mouth. Their four arms are very thin and frail in appearance with long, thick black hairs growing from them. The hands end in two plier-like fingers. For the most part, their torso and legs are fully humanoid, except the black hairs like the arm hairs, which grow on the legs. Their build is short and very thin. They have leathery black skin and no hair.


The Apskara generally fall in the middle of the sentient races for abilities. They have good intelligence and wisdom. Although their exotic features and iridescent coloring make them quite attractive, their closed environment has led them to be less than charismatic when dealing with others. The conditions that lead them from their watery home ensure a decent level of stamina needed to endure the process. Historically, the Apskara are true water breathers, with five gills on either side of their necks, just below their jaws. The steady and determined destruction of their cities by their ancient enemy has led them to redevelop an ability, allowing them to take on the semblance of humans and hide themselves in the great cities of the land dwellers.

Physical description: The upper half of the Apskara is humanoid in shape. Their lower half closely resembles a dolphin, with a muscular tail, and dual flukes. Their skin is very smooth; almost like an eel skin, and an iridescent light blue in colour. Running down their back is a collapsible dorsal fin consisting of three spines which join just below the shoulder blades and extend down to just above their pelvis. Viewed from a distance, the Apskara appear as water, shaped into human form. Their major facial features, while very similar to human, are in a vestigial form. Their nose and ears are almost non existent, although their ears are usually hidden beneath flowing black hair. Their hands, while humanoid in shape, are webbed, and end in sharp talons rather than fingernails. While they can assume the form of a human, they always retain the dorsal fin.


Avidryls are the great half-human/half-bird race descended from beings from a distant island in the sea. They are very strong and quick with the power of flight.

Physical description: An avidryl is a large human with great eagle wings on its back. Other races refer to them (sometimes derogatorily) as "birdmen". They love to drink and fight, and they get along great with Orcs (as much as anyone gets along with Orcs).


Although endowed with less than average intelligence, dwarves are a very wise people who are quite sturdy and strong. Their sun-baked, tan, leathery skin and white hair however leaves them unattractive in the eyes of most humanoids.

Physical description: Dwarves are short, strong humanoids who often wear beards and their white hair in long pony-tails. They are known for their work in mines and their knowledge of magic.


Elves are among the wisest of the universe's creatures. With no glaring weaknesses and their high intelligence, they are highly respected wherever they go. There are seen by most races as reasonably attractive.

Physical description: Elves are olive coloured humanoids a bit under 2 meters tall with pointed ears and dark flowing hair. There are some groups with dark brown or dark green skin, and one with a light blue skin, but those elves are rare and in distant, hard to find lands.


Faeries are highly intelligent and wise beings that thrive upon their use of magic and their ability to move with nearly unparalleled ease. Other races consider them quite handsome and beautiful, but they are easily struck down when hit and have below average strength.

Physical description: In some lore, faeries are the wee people. In others they are sprites or evil pixies. But in fact, they are all of the above. Short and thin, they look like the handsomest of humanoids with small wings growing on their backs. Faeries have pointed ears hidden behind long, dark hair. Their skin colour varies depending on where they are from, ranging from a light green, to olive, to light brown. There is one particular group of faeries believed to have some hobbit in them with pale, pale skin in burning red hair. Among their more interesting abilities is the power of flight.


Giants are without question the strongest sentients ever to exist. They are capable of taking hits which would kill other beings, but they rank down with the orcs in intelligence. As with most creatures of such great size, however, they are not too great at moving around. They are found mostly unappealing by people of most other races.

Physical description: Giants stand approximately 4-5 meters tall. Although they are much like humans in appearance, their great size distorts their features in a grotesque sort of way. Their skin and hair colours vary as greatly as those of humans.


Gnomes are among the most magical beings in this reality, although they are not at all attractive. Their intelligence and wisdom is nearly unrivalled, and they are a bit below the norm in strength and sturdiness.

Physical description: Gnomes are known for their HUGE ears. I mean we are not talking just big, but seriously humoungous, which looks damn humourous compared to their physical size of a little more than a meter. Many of them wear beards of brown hair, and they have a leathery, tanned skin. They also have very hairy feet. They also tend to have freckly noses.


Half-elves are small, very nimble and handsome beings. Although not at all wise, as well as being less intelligent than the average sentient race, they are quite capable in the roguish arts and are of average strength.

Physical description: Half-elves are perhaps the most diverse of all known races, made up of people with hair of all different colours, and skin ranging the gamut of humanoid skin colours.


Half-orcs are perhaps a bit more "human" than orcs. In fact, it is believed they might have human blood in them leading to their greater intellectual abilities, mobility, and looks over orcs. In addition, it is also believed that this is why they are neither as strong nor as sturdy.

Physical description: Although hairy by human standards, they do not have the 'Cousin It' look of orcs. Instead, their hair covers their bodies much in the same way that gorillas' bodies are covered. They stand only 2 meters in height, and are extremely thin and thus more agile than orcs. Their skin is a dark red-brown to match their hair. They also have small, reddish-yellow beaks.

Hobbit (also known as Halfling or Kender)

Hobbits, though not particularly pleasing, are an enjoyable sight to look at as they masterfully move about here and there, for they are unusually dexterous and highly charismatic. Their modest wit makes for humorous (though somewhat embarrassing for them) situations. Although not terribly weak or susceptible to being harmed, they are indeed neither tanks nor beasts of burden. Depending on where you come from, Hobbits may also be referred to as Halflings or Kenders.

Physical description: They are short, jovial creatures with a tendency to enjoy more booze and food than their tiny bodies can handle. But in spite of their overeating, and overdrinking, they always have their wits about them and can outmanoeuver the best. Although they tend towards roguish practices, it is rarely out of malice, and mostly shows itself in minor thievery in adventure. Humans describe the little hair they have on their head as "balding". It often comes in red or auburn, and their skin is very pale.


There is nothing spectacular about humans. They are neither particularly weak in any manner nor are they particularly strong in any respect. Still, most other races find them reasonably attractive.

Physical description: Human form is where the term "humanoid" comes from. Humans have two arms, two legs, and stand near two meters high. Their skin comes in varying shades from light tan to dark brown, with visible hair of all colours only on the top of their heads.


Minotaurs are a brutishly strong race, overpowering most other races in terms of raw strength. However, like their oxen relative, they lack intelligence and struggle concetrating long enough to cast spells.

Physical description: With large oxen heads, minotaurs are easily recognizable from other races. They stand tall at over 2m and are very muscular. Their skin is leathery and tough, covered in a fine cow hair, ranging from dark brown to black. Given that their feet are hooves, they are rarely found wearing shoes.


Nymphs are known for their breath-taking beauty which has been said to entrance males of all races. Like satyrs, their origins are mysterious and magical although they themselves have no inclinations toward the magical arts. They also are neither strong nor sturdy, but they are among the most agile races there are.

Physical description: Nymphs are beautiful human-looking women, who differ from human women genetically. Unfortunately, like satyrs, they are incapable of natural reproduction since they are sterile.


Barely intelligent enough to be considered sentient, orcs are universally considered hideous looking creatures. Yet as strong and sturdy as they are, there is no need for them to do anything but bring fear to all.

Physical description: Orcs are covered all over their muscle-bound bodies with a disgusting, matted red-brown fur. They stand nearly 2.5 meters high with ovalish faces highlighting yellowish beaks. Their six fingers all end in terrifying claws.


Satyrs are strong and sturdy beings not very well endowed with mental faculties. They move about quite well, but most races do not find attractive their goat-like lower halves.

Physical description: Satyrs have a magical genesis, which is about the only magic they experience in their lives. All satyrs are males, and they are very mysterious. Genetically, they appear to be half-human and half-goat, with the upper half of their bodies human, and the lower half goat. Satyrs are incapable of natural reproduction as they are sterile.